The Ultimate

Have you ever thought about how you would design your kitchen if the options were limitless and budget was a nonfactor?

Well, that’s precisely the fun and exciting challenge we set for three top professionals and experts in their respective fields, as part of an innovative partnership with The Times. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and at Grundig each product is designed with one single thought in mind: Making your home the best place to be.

Chef, Ed Smith, interior designer, Abigail Ahern and parent blogger and fashion editor, Deborah Brett, were each given a blank canvas. They were invited to work with journalists, photographers, artists and computer-generated image (CGI) technicians to produce their ultimate kitchen designs, incorporating their favourite Grundig appliances.

Each of them was then interviewed to reveal the thinking behind their vision, why they chose each appliance, and to reveal their essential tips and “get the look” advice, so that readers could try their ideas at home. There were start-to-finish videos showing how each of the kitchens were put together from sketches, photography and CGIs.

Sustainability, design and innovation are all important areas of focus for Grundig, along with excellent functionality. Each of the three professionals had free rein to create their ultimate kitchen according to their unique tastes and individual requirements. They were all impressed with Grundig’s products and features. The results provide inspiration for anyone thinking about how they want their own kitchen to look and perform.

The features focused on the particular specialism and needs of each of the professionals, from Abigail’s love of sleek and dramatic design through to Ed’s need for a practical space where he can devise recipes for his books.

Here’s a flavour of their amazing kitchens:

Abigail Ahern, Interior Designer

For years, Abigail Ahern hated designing kitchens because she always saw them as functional and – in her own words – boring. “I’d find it frustrating that people would spend so much on kitchens and not accessorise them,” she told The Times. “They were so dull.”

Thankfully, this mentality has changed now that customers demand kitchens that are as beautiful as they are useful. It’s a move that has revolutionised design for Abigail – and one that has allowed her love of dramatic accessories, mixing interesting textures and playing with scale to run riot. Now, she loves the challenge of making a kitchen interesting as well as functional and she makes it her business to mix grit and glamour to create unusual and arresting looks.

“Being able to buy stylish appliances has definitely been a game changer,” she told The Times, describing the sleek, black, Grundig American fridge freezer that was used in her ultimate kitchen. “It integrates perfectly and is exactly what I wanted. It’s something to show off and is a centrepiece in its own right... It’s stylish details, like the integrated handle, that take appliances to the next level.”

The Grundig GSBS163112B - A centrepiece in its own right

Ed Smith, Chef

As a chef and author of the food blog, a functional, practical kitchen with reliable and high-quality appliances is an essential for Ed Smith. After all, despite being a new father juggling many projects, the kitchen is where he spends virtually all of his waking hours.

For Ed, easy-clean stainless-steel counters and a layout featuring the traditional chef’s triangle –having a hob, fridge and sink each on a point without anything impeding your route – were paramount in his ultimate kitchen. He then used stylish accessories such as, his favourite pestle and mortar and quirky collection of pickles in jars, as decoration.

Grundig’s Divide and Cook oven was a big hit with Ed as it gave him all the advantages of two ovens without the need for extra space. “Two ovens are a luxury,” he told The Times. “It’s not just about capacity, it’s being able to cook different things at the optimum temperature at the same time. Grundig’s Divide and Cook oven does this in one unit; it’s like having a double oven in the space of a single oven.”

He was also impressed with Grundig’s initiatives to cut down on food waste. “I hate wasting food, so we should applaud initiatives such as Grundig’s Respect Food campaign, which is a commitment to reducing food waste and developing appliances to keep food fresh for as long as possible,” he added, admitting that he gave himself a fun weekly challenge to use up all of the leftovers in his fridge.

The Grundig GEZST47000BP Divide & Cook oven – Like having a double oven in the space of a single oven

Deborah Brett, Parent Blogger and Fashion Editor

Stylish yet practical, able to morph into everything, from being an impromptu office, to a classroom or entertaining space…

Parent blogger and fashion editor, Deborah Brett, knew she was asking a lot from her ultimate kitchen, but the busy mum-of-two loved the fact that kitchens are the powerhouse of a home, and the central spot where families can work, rest and play.

She used her ultimate kitchen as a chance to be braver with colours and design. “I usually use lots of greens and blues, but I wanted to step out of my safety zone and try yellows and oranges. It’s so warm and inviting,” she told The Times.

Another consideration was making her kitchen child-friendly. Rather than include locks on cupboards, as in her own home, she used design to solve the problem. “I keep knives on a higher level, but I don’t mind if they take out the pans or Tupperware. The only cupboard that has a lock is the one with the detergents and chemicals. Their job is to set the table for breakfast. I have a little pantry with everything they need on shelves at their height,” she explained.

Another favourite in her ultimate kitchen is Grundig’s clever washing machine, with its range of programmes. As a fashion editor, being able to get clothes clean while also protecting delicate fabrics was important. “I love the Grundig machine as it has different programmes designed to make life easier,” she added. “The wool and stain settings are especially useful.” The machine’s ProDose feature, which can hold enough detergent and fabric softener for up to 30 washes, automatically detects fabric types, the amount of laundry in the drum and how dirty the clothes are, before dispensing the perfect amount of liquid detergent and fabric softener, was also a big hit with Deborah.

The Grundig GWN59650CW ProDose washing machine – Can hold enough detergent and softener for up to 30 washes