Built-in Oven Buying Guide

5 Year Warranty Parts and Labour

Whether you are looking to enhance your kitchen design with a built-in double oven or desire the convenience of a self-cleaning oven, our range of electric integrated ovens has something to suit all cooking styles and kitchen types.

Oven Size & Capacity

Determining what size and capacity you need from your built-in oven will help you find the right one for your requirements. Do you need a compact oven to fit in a specific space or a single built-in oven with the capacity to cater for family gatherings? Or perhaps you have plenty of room for an integrated double oven which comes with pre-programmed recipes. The choice is yours.

  • Single Ovens

    Choosing a smaller size oven does not mean you need to compromise on functionality. You can find a multi-function oven and a self-cleaning pyrolytic oven within our built-in single oven range.

    All our single fitted ovens measure 60cm in width and 60cm in height and they have a generous capacity of between 70 to 82 litres.

  • Compact Ovens

    Our small ovens range in capacity from 27 to 40 litres and include a compact built in oven and microwave and a combi steam oven. Being 45cm in height, these slim ovens can easily be placed at eye-level and designated a space that works with the flow of your kitchen columns and cabinets.

  • Double Ovens

    Our integrated double oven comes with a 38-litre oven with grill at the top and a 70-litre main oven which blends performance with creativity. Owning a double oven means you can use both ovens to cook a generous Sunday roast and the accompanying dishes at the same time.

Oven Type

Having chosen which oven size and capacity works for you, the next step is to select the type of oven you wish to cook with. Here are two options:

  • Fan Ovens

    An integrated fan oven circulates heat around the oven interior so that your dishes are evenly baked through.

  • Multi-Function Ovens

    If you are seeking to expand your culinary repertoire then a multi-function oven gives you scope to defrost, grill, cook at low temperatures or combine a fan assisted oven with other functions for impressive cooking results.

Oven Colour

Your built-in kitchen design may be classic country or minimalist modern, both of which are reflected in the colour palette for our fitted oven range. Make a statement with a stainless-steel oven or black built-in oven which will complement any kitchen colour scheme and can be matched with other items from Grundig’s integrated appliance range.

Oven Display

Our electric ovens with digital displays allow you to easily keep track of the progress of your cooking, and time dishes to perfection. There are two choices to consider:

  • Touch Control Animated LED Display

    Navigate through programmes using the stylish touch control display. The symbols on screen guide you to the right cooking function and the correct shelf position to use.

  • Text LCD Display

    Easy to use touch control display which gives you access to more than 50 recipes. Once you have prepared the recipe, just place the dish on a tray in the oven and choose the appropriate setting. Your oven will then select the right function and time for you.

Easy To Clean Ovens

  • Self-Cleaning Oven

    These easy clean ovens save you time and effort in the kitchen. Eradicate grease and dirt without effort with a pyrolytic self-cleaning oven. This programme boosts the temperature to 480°C and turn food residue to dust, which you can then simply wipe away with a cloth. Save 25% energy when using the self cleaning oven programme by selecting the eco option.

  • Steam Cleaning

    Protect the interior of your oven from harsh chemicals by using the power of steam to loosen dirt and grease before wiping the surfaces.

  • Excellent Clean Glass Door

    A coating that prevents food particles from sticking to the surface of your oven door, which drastically cuts down on cleaning.

  • Catalytic Liners

    These liners catch dirt and grease released in cooking so you don’t have to clean the oven walls and they prevent odours from building up too.

Oven Extra Features

  • Multi-Taste Ovens

    The best choice for seasoned chefs who like to cook on a grand scale. Our Multi-taste fan ovens channel heated air horizontally on three levels, so you can cook different dishes at the same time.

  • Meat Optimiser

    Cooking meat to the correct temperature is an art and one you can easily master with our in-oven meat optimiser, which lets you cook your roast just the way you like it – rare, medium or well done.

  • Divide & Cook

    This multi-function oven can either offer 80-litres of space to cook a large roast or it can be split into two fan ovens to cook dishes at different temperatures and timings without any mixture of flavours or odours.

  • Full Extension Telescopic Shelf

    Safely check on your food and add finishing touches while it’s cooking with our smooth glide telescopic shelves.

  • Soft Closing Door

    Our fitted ovens have a quiet door hinge mechanism to prevent the door from slamming shut.

  • Cool Touch Door

    Even when your oven is set at the highest temperature of 480oC, our four-glass panel oven door only reaches 70oC which means it is safe to touch.

  • Excellent Clean Glass Door

    The nano-coated oven glass helps prevent the build-up of grease and food on the oven door, reducing the hassle of cleaning; simply wipe away the dirt with a damp cloth.

  • Fast Cook Oven

    Featuring conventional oven capability along with the efficiency of a microwave, a Grundig Fast Cook oven can deliver dishes in half the time while retaining the impressive cooking results you would expect. Essentially, you save on counter space because this appliance gives you two ovens in one, which is great if you’re designing a small kitchen.

  • Steam Assist Cooking

    Steaming food has long been recognised as a healthy way to cook and now it is gaining a reputation in baking circles for helping to retain moisture and aid the rising process. Our Steam Assist programme releases bursts of steam at regular intervals so that baked goods rise by an extra 14%, and are 7% more moist, while cutting down the fat content of foods by up to 5%.

We have produced this guide to help you choose the right oven for your needs, now you have all the information to hand, why not take a closer look at our built-in ovens?