World's 1st FiberCatcher™

Catches up to 90% of synthetic microfibres during synthetic wash cycles

Microplastics are leaking into our precious waterways and oceans at an alarming rate. Once present, they are ingested by fish and other marine life, causing them to enter the food chain and end up on our dinner plates.

More than one-third of the microplastics in our waterways and oceans come from synthetic fibres released during wash cycles.

As a global brand with a strong eco-conscience, we have developed the World’s 1st integrated synthetic microfibre filter - FiberCatcher™. Specifically designed to catch up to 90% of synthetic microfibres during synthetic wash cycles*, Grundig’s FiberCatcher™ filter helps protect our waterways and oceans.

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Our synthetic programmes, designed to catch these microfibres, include:

Together we can take small steps to restore the health of our natural environments.

Helps protect our natural water sources

Capturing up to 90% of synthetic microfibres in a single cycle*, the FiberCatcher™ filter helps to prevent harmful microfibres from entering our precious natural water sources.

FiberCatcher™: Each filter lasts up to 26 wash cycles

Lasting up to 26 synthetic wash cycles, each FiberCatcher™ filter will prevent millions of microfibres from entering our precious water sources and food chain.

We will recycle the used filters

Once your filter is full, you can post it back to us free of charge. As the filter is not suitable for household recycling, we will ensure it is recycled using the correct process.

WaterCare®: Less drum movements, fewer microfibres released

By replacing vigorous drum movements with a jet of water and detergent that cascades in from the top of the drum, our WaterCare® technology reduces the number of microfibres that are released during the wash.

Frequently asked questions

Located in the detergent draw of the washing machine, the FiberCatcher™ filter captures up to 90% of synthetic microfibres*. During synthetic wash cycles, as water passes through the filter and out of the washing machine, the FiberCatcher™ filter effectively filters harmful synthetic microfibres, protecting our natural water sources.

FiberCatcher™ technology is only activated on synthetic wash programmes, including Synthetics, Shirts, Sports along with selected programmes available to download from the HomeWhiz app. This ensures that only synthetic microfibres – that are currently the biggest concern for the environment – are filtered out and prevented from entering our precious waterways and oceans.

The filter is designed to last up to 6 months**. Once the filter is full, the FiberCatcher™ LED on the control panel will flash when one of the 3 programmes is selected. When this happens, it is time for a new filter*** - find out more below.

If you purchased a washing machine with an integrated FiberCatcher™ filter, you have already taken the first step to protect our water sources. Here is more information on how to return your used filter and order a replacement.

The filter isn’t suitable for household recycling, so please return it to us free of charge, to be recycled, in four easy steps:

  1. Use the same box that your new filter was delivered in, which will include a returns label. If the label has been misplaced, if you are returning your first filter or if you are a ROI resident please email [email protected] to request a new returns label.
  2. Ensure the filter has had time to dry before sending it, otherwise the box may become wet and damaged.
  3. Attach the returns label to the outside of the box, covering any existing postage label.
  4. Post the filter in a post box or at your nearest post office.

If you purchase a FiberCatcher™ Washing Machine, register your appliance then complete our survey, you will receive 2x replacement FiberCatcher™ filters free of charge‡

For UK customers, follow the link below to order a new FiberCatcher™ filter. For ROI customers, please email [email protected] to order a new filter.

Order a FiberCatcher™ Filter


  • *World's 1st integrated synthetic microfibre filter
  • **Exact duration is dependent on usage.
  • ***Your washing machine will continue to work when the filter is full, but synthetic microfibres will no longer be captured.
  • T’s & C’s apply

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