Appliance Plus+

Working Better Together

At Beko Plc we pride ourselves on providing a dedicated service specifically designed for residential developers, the private rented sector and kitchen studios. We believe it’s our genuine commitment to providing the quality, dedicated service, range and sustainability that is demanded within these channels, that sets us apart. Cementing this commitment, we’ve created Appliance Plus+.

Residential Developers

Grundig recognises the need to protect residential developer’s reputation and the high standards of their developments and service. It’s our goal to provide Grundig appliances that will enhance their properties, aligned with their quality and sustainability standards, and will provide their customers with a truly positive experience.

Private Rented Sector

The private rented sector (PRS) has more than doubled in size in the last 14 years, and it’s set to continue expanding. With this growing trend, we understand the needs of the PRS channel to provide high quality products that enhance the specification and interior styling of the rented properties to help increase the desirability to potential tenants. Grundig’s reliability and 5 year warranty are equally imperative, as well as our assurance that any tenant concerns will be managed quickly and efficiently.

Kitchen Studios

Stylish and quality appliances are essential to enhancing the designs of kitchen studios, combined with providing their customers choice and the latest innovations. Grundig’s beautifully coordinated range of high quality appliances is supported by our commitment to Kitchen studio’s with display offerings, collateral and ongoing training and incentives.

Appliance Plus+ is our commitment to Quality, Service, Extended Warranty and Eco-Friendliness. We work in partnership with the residential developers, private rented sector and kitchen studios to recognise their needs and provide support, not only at the point of purchase, but throughout the life of the appliance. To find out more, visit