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Discover Grundig's HotAero Pro technology

Create delicious meals with our HotAero Pro technology

Thanks to a new fan system and a redesigned oven interior, our HotAero Pro technology ensures a more even heat distribution through the oven, minimising temperature fluctuations to ensure perfect cooking results.

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Discover Grundig's Aerofresh™ technology

Achieve long lasting freshness with our Aerofresh™ technology

By minimising temperature fluctuations between shelves, Grundig's Aerofresh™ cooling system evenly distributes cold air inside the fridge, preserving your food and creating long lasting freshness.

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Discover Grundig's FiberCatcher® technology

#Stopthecycle with our industry leading FiberCatcher® technology

Specially designed to protect our oceans, our FiberCatcher® washing machines feature the world's first integrated synthetic microfibre filter that catches up to 90% of synthetic microfibres during synthetic washes.

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grundig reviews 93 score

Discover Grundig's WaterCare® technology

Protect your favourite garments with our WaterCare® technology

Our WaterCare® technology replaces vigorous drum movements with a jet of water and detergent that cascades in from the top of the drum, creating a quicker, gentler wash cycle for your garments; without sacrificing wash performance.

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Discover Grundig's Interact® technology

Save water and energy with our InterAct® technology

Stylish and easy to use, our InterAct® dishwashers automatically adjust water levels, energy usage, and time depending on your load, delivering the best, most efficient clean for your dishes.

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