Grundig Partners with Massimo Bottura's Refettorio Gastromotiva

Grundig Partners with Massimo Bottura’s Food For Soul Project Refettorio Gastromotiva To Serve Up 19,000 Meals In Rio.

We're excited to announce that Grundig is to be one of the partners of Food for Soul, the cultural non-profit organisation founded by world renowned chef Massimo Bottura.

A staggering average of 1.3 billion tonnes of edible food is thrown away each year, and we’re not happy about it. We’re committed to designing innovative product features that ensure food remains fresher for longer, whilst consuming less energy, and that’s where our partnership with Massimo Bottura’s Food for Soul organisation comes into play. We want to raise awareness of global food waste whilst helping people reduce their household’s food wastage.

In Rio de Janeiro this month, ‘Refettorio Gastromotiva’, the first international Food for Soul project will launch outside of Italy. Aided by our partnership, ‘Refettorio Gastromotiva’ will form part of the Rio 2016 Olympic Committee’s Sustainable Food Initiative, recycling surplus food from the athlete’s village and turning it into delicious and nutritious meals. The centre will be equipped with innovative Grundig appliances to help the team maximise food longevity and offer the highest culinary support.

Fast facts:

  • 10,500 athletes from 205 different countries of the world will consume nearly 14 million meals during their time in Rio
  • Several tonnes of waste will be produced
  • ‘Refettorio Gastromotiva’ will reuse more than 12 tonnes of recovered food from the athlete’s village
  • 19,000 meals a day will be prepared (120 meals a day) served in the space

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