The perfect pair

More than a million women would ditch their partner before binning their favourite jeans.

At Grundig we always knew that the relationship between a woman and her jeans was important so we undertook some research to find out just how deep this love goes.

Whether it’s skinny, flared or boot-cut a pair of well fitting jeans is a must for every woman’s wardrobe and our research showed that one in twenty women would even go as far as saying would ditch their partner before they get rid of a favourite pair of jeans. This proves, as we suspected, the relationship between UK women and their jeans runs really deep as one in five women (20 per cent) say that despite no longer fitting or being on trend, they are unable to throw their favourite pair away. One in twelve women (eight per cent) admits they love a pair so much that they are holding on to them to pass on to their children.

When it comes to caring for jeans, women will do everything they can to maintain their favourite pair for as long as possible. One in 10 (ten per cent) wash their jeans just once every three to six months in order to keep the shape and colour they fell in love with. When it comes to quirkier cleaning rituals, one in every twenty five women (four per cent) will clean their jeans with vinegar or pop them in the freezer to help keep them looking brand new.

Because we understand all of this we created products to help preserve our denim for as long as possible. Our SenseWash technology recognises the weight and type of fabric being washed, our washing machines care about your jeans just as much as you do.