Achieve long-lasting freshness with our advanced refrigerators.

Our refrigeration range stores your fresh and frozen food under perfect conditions. Choose from a host of food preservation features, such as AeroFresh™, which reduces temperature fluctuations to keep your food fresher for longer.

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Protect your garments with Grundig's extensive laundry range.

Our laundry appliances are kind to both your clothes and the environment. To help protect our oceans, our FiberCatcher® models feature integrated filters that catch up to 90% of synthetic microfibres during synthetic washes.

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Enjoy perfectly cooked meals with our innovative cooking range.

With a range of styles to choose from, there’s a Grundig cooking appliance to suit every kitchen. For consistent cooking results, our HotAero Pro technology ensures even heat distribution, producing perfectly cooked, delicious meals.

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Save time and energy with Grundig's range of stylish dishwashers.

Perfect for hectic mornings or busy weekends, Grundig’s range of full-size dishwashers are packed with time saving technologies that help keep you in control of your busy lifestyle, without compromising on cleaning performance.

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* Compared to standard B rated condenser dryers.
** World's 1st integrated synthetic microfibre filter.