Looks like good food.
Feels like a good cause.

Every year across the globe, 1.3 billion tonnes of edible food is thrown away.

In the UK alone, we throw away more than 7 million tonnes of food every year. A typical family wastes £60 a month, or £720 a year. The fight against food waste begins at home in your kitchen.

At Grundig we believe people should enjoy good food – and respect it, which means wasting less.

Our RESPECT FOOD programme spans both product development and working with partners to reduce waste and use surplus food for good causes, that otherwise would be thrown away.

Our Partners

To help in the fight against food wastage, Grundig is pleased to be supporting the following organisations:

Food For Soul

Grundig is an official partner of Food for Soul. The brain child of Massimo Bottura, chef proprietor of Osteria Franscescana, voted the no.1 restaurant in the world in 2016.

Food for Soul is a non-profit organisation with the aim of promoting awareness about food waste and hunger through a wide range of projects and collaborations with chefs, artisans, food suppliers and artists. Working with soup kitchens, Bottura and his team teach others to transform salvaged food into delicious, healthy meals. Grundig have collaborated on projects in Milan (Italy), Rio (Brazil) as part of the Olympics and now in London (England).

  • the felix project

Refettorio Felix

The latest venture from Food for Soul and Massimo Bottura, is the Refettorio Felix, which opened in central London in June. During its opening month it provided more than 2,000 meals to vulnerable and homeless people using 5 tonnes of recovered food.

More than 30 UK and international chefs with over 40 Michelin stars between them prepared meals, including Alain Ducasse, Michelle Roux Jr and Angela Hartnett.

Grundig provided appliances to the Refettorio Felix, including a limited-edition fridge freezer painted by French graffiti artist Thierry Noir, to highlight the issue of food wastage.

Felix Project

In London alone it’s estimated that at least 100,000 people live in food poverty. The Felix Project is a charity that wants to see good food go to good causes. It works with food suppliers and charities across London to reduce food waste and food poverty.


UKHarvest’s mission is to nourish our nation, they are a perishable not-for-profit food rescue operation that collects quality surplus food from all types of food providers then deliver it, direct and free of charge, to charities that can make use of it. They provide much needed assistance to vulnerable men, women and children across the UK.

Grundig are helping The Felix Project & UKHarvest by donating fridges and freezers to help preserve the food they collect before it is delivered out to their charities.

Toast Ale

Did you know that 44% of all bread produced ends up being wasted and that 24 million slices of bread are thrown away by UK households? Toast Ale are on a mission to change that.

Toast Ale is brewed with fresh, surplus bread that would otherwise be wasted.

All their profits go to Feedback, Tristram Stuart’s environmental charity campaigning to end food waste.

Grundig are donating products to Toast Ale to help with their Crowdfunding campaign plus food waste awareness campaigns in the Summer, to help them expand, so they can rescue more surplus bread and raise more funds.

Our Products

We’re doing our bit to help by developing the next generation of refrigeration with technology that helps keep food fresher for longer, like Ion Fresh, Duo-Cooling and our Vitamin Care Zone. See our refrigeration range here.

Resource efficiency is already inherent in the Grundig vision which is why for many years, we have invested in producing some of the world’s most energy and water efficient products.

  • Fridge


Ionfresh neutralises harmful bacteria in the fridge. The air inside is kept clean and food will stay fresher for longer.

vitamin care


Blue LED lights in the salad crisper simulate natural lighting and helps to preserve the vitamin content and nutrients in fruit and vegetables.

duo cooling


Two separate cooling systems independently control the fridge and freezer compartment, this helps to eliminate odour transfers and prevents food from drying out in the fridge