Spotlight On: The Grundig Piano.

Grundig is synonymous with harmonious design and premium quality. With over 70 years of German heritage and experience in the electronics industry, we are ideally placed to create beautifully practical designs.

We have a long history of making high quality home electronics, as all Grundig products are expertly designed to work together in harmony. The Grundig Piano is an inspiration for this design from Max Grundig’s passion and dedication to making the highest quality sound recording devices.

This connection with premium quality and the production of professional audio devices led Grundig to develop a unique approach to home appliance design. Grundig’s approach to design is harmoniously linked to sound, and all our buttons on our domestic appliances reflect the sleek design of the keys on a grand piano. This symmetry, known as The Grundig Piano, is echoed throughout our range.

Harmonising the design

The Grundig tape recorder was created using an intuitive design with large buttons, similar to piano keys, and celebrated minimalist German style. 41 years later and, we are still striving for elegant, aesthetics and a clear connection throughout the range, with this design was extended across all Grundig home appliances.

In the 1990s the design was added to the contemporary hi-fi, to help modernise the range. The result was a sleeker look, which still held true to the original style concept. Today, the Grundig Piano home appliances range has earned the same iconic design status as the original Grundig audio devices. This smart, easy-to-use design adopted for many of the integrated appliances defines the sleek aesthetic, valued for almost a century by so many of Grundig’s customers.

The timeless design of The Grundig Piano is striking in its elegance, and is a testament to design that marries both form and function. The Grand Piano epitomises style and quality, and is built-in to all Grundig home appliances.