Spotlight On: Energy Efficiency In Our Appliances

Energy efficiency ratings can be a little difficult to comprehend, but they should be one of your top considerations when choosing a new large kitchen appliance.

Understanding energy efficiency labelling will help you make a conscious decision on which appliance will best suit your needs and save you money.

What are energy efficiency labels?

EU energy efficiency ratings run from A+++ to D, with the former being the most efficient and the latter the least, based on the products energy consumption. Large home appliances sold in the EU are required by law to display their energy efficiency rating.

So what do the ratings mean?

The Energy Efficiency rating is worked out differently for various appliances and is based on EU-defined criteria. This means the ratings can only be compared between one type of appliance. Choosing the right product for your needs will save you money on your energy bills and all Grundig home appliances carry an energy efficiency rating of A+ or above.

Below we’ve explained how ratings are calculated for each type of appliance.


As with fridges and freezers, washing machines today are rated between D and A+++ for energy efficiency. Washing machine ratings are worked out by looking at annual kilowatt hours used by the machine on both 40°C and 60°C cotton cycles.

Grundig energy efficient washing machines are A+++ rated, meaning they are among the most energy efficient on the market. Featuring SenseWash technology, they automatically select the most suitable wash for the amount of laundry in the drum. The large capacity of our washing machines allows you to fit more in each wash, cutting down the number of washes and saving you money on both energy and water bills.


Fridges and freezers are running constantly, making them the second biggest consumer of energy in the home (after central heating systems). Since 2012, all new refrigeration appliances must legally have a rating of A+ or higher. This is to ensure all new products are meeting the EU's energy efficiency guidelines, anything that falls below an A+ rating cannot be sold.

The energy consumption of fridges and freezers is calculated based on efficiency related to the size of the appliance. This is worked out through tests designed to simulate how the appliance will be used. The outside temperature during the test is set to 25°C, and the appliance is half filled with produce while energy efficiency is measured.

Our energy efficient fridges and freezers are designed with No Frost Technology. This ensures there is no ice build-up inside, so the freezer runs as efficiently as possible. A++ energy efficiency ratings ensure you'll save up to 40% on your energy bills compared to A rated products. We're proud recipients of Which? Best Buy Awards for a number of our refrigeration appliances, so you know you’re in good hands.


Dishwashers are rated between A+++ and D for energy efficiency. This is calculated by measuring the amount of energy consumed when washing soiled tableware on the manufacturer-recommended standard cycle. Rinsing and drying cycles are also evaluated.

Our full sized energy efficient dishwashers can wash a full family load using only six litres of water, this is the lowest water consumption on the market. The large capacity allows you to wash everything at the same time, simply place pots and pans on the bottom with more delicate items in the top rack. This saves you from having to do two separate loads, and subsequently cuts down on your energy bills.