Since 1946, Grundig has manufactured modern, high-quality, stylish products which make people’s lives better and simpler. With the launch of our new range of appliances, Grundig is continuing to deliver technology that combines energy efficient products with technologies that protects food, laundry and even your dishes.


Active Duo Cooling

Two seperate fans and evaporators ensures air does not mix between the fridge and the freezer, keeping optimal humidity levels in the fridge and no transfer of odours. All designed to preserve your food in the best possible environment.



Neutralises harmful bacteria, keeping the air in the fridge cleaner and the food fresher for longer.

Ion Fresh

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The Sensewash programme automatically selects the best settings according to the size and type of load, ensuring efficient cleaning every time.

Tumble Dryer

World's Largest Water Tank

Emptying the tank can be inconvenient and time consuming. Grundig introduces the world's largest water tank so you can dry more and empty less often.


All in Wash

Have you ever had to wait to wash the pots and pans whilst the plates are being cleaned? Grundig dishwashers will clean and look after your delicate plates and glasses whilst cleaning those stubborn cooking stains off your pots and pans.