Spotlight On: No-Frost Technology

At Grundig, we design all our appliances with style and quality in mind. Our appliances are produced to a high standard and focus on the latest technology, all with the aim of making people's lives better. Our No Frost Technology prevents the annoying ice build-up common in many freezers, which can restrict storage space and lead to an inefficient appliance.

Why does frost build up?

In freezers without this technology, frost builds-up around the cooling coils. If left too long, this frost can reach up to six inches thick resulting in frozen drawers and eventually rendering the freezer unusable.

This build-up is caused by warm air rushing into the freezer every time you open the door, and condensing when it hits the cooling coils. The water vapours instantly freezes and sticks to the coils, adding an insulating layer of frost each time. This icy build-up causes the appliance to lose its efficiency, and restricts valuable storage space

How No Frost Technology works

Grundig tall upright freezers are made with cutting edge No Frost Technology. Cool air is regularly blown around the freezer, which completely prevents any frost build-up. The air flow creates a dry environment, which also means your food won’t stick together.

Stylish design, practical technology

Grundig freezers are designed to fit effortlessly into your lifestyle. No Frost Technology, combined with our other useful features, such as Fast Freeze and large storage boxes, provides you with the most efficient and stylish tall upright freezers for your home. Our appliances are backed by a five year warranty, and designed with these hero innovations to look after the things you care about.

No Frost Technology

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