Focus On Features:

Grundig ovens have a range of features, designed to help you master the art of culinary creation. Clever technology is mixed with iconic styling to produce smart kitchen appliances that deliver both form and function.

Chef Assist

Our Chef Assist programme offers, for example, pre-set recipes ranging from cinnamon rolls to roast chicken. Simply oven will automatically set the appropriate temperature, cooking function and cooking time. It even tells you which is the best oven rack to place the dish.

Multi-task your cooking

With specially designed multi-taste technology available in our ovens, you can cook three different foods simultaneously, with no mixing of flavours. Meaning you can prepare savoury puff pastry to start, salmon for the main and cupcakes to finish, all at the same time in the same oven. Hot air enters the oven from three different angles to ensure all the food cooks evenly. The fan also removes air and draws it across a ceramic plate in the oven cavity. This ceramic plate cleans the air, removing odours from the oven and stops the flavours mixing and transferring.

Clever cooking

Fast cook technology is available in our compact ovens. Combining outstanding cooking with the speed of a microwave, Fast cook technology can cook up to 40% faster than a standard fan oven, with no compromise in cooking quality. Each function can be used individually, meaning this is two appliances in one, which will save counter space in more compact kitchens.

The benefits of steam cooking

Steam assisted cooking is quickly growing in popularity thanks to its ability to reduce fat content while food cooks. Our Steam Assist function periodically adds steam to the oven during cooking. This technology helps retain up to 7% more moisture in baked goods, helps bread and pastry rise by 14% more, and can reduce the fat quantity of food by up to 5%. The steam is also useful for cleaning the oven; it softens grease and dirt making cleaning easier, and is also an eco-friendly way to keep your oven clean.

Cleaning perfection

A feature which comes as standard across the whole Grundig range is the removable glass plate at the back of the oven door, allowing for easier, faster cleaning.

Endless cooking possibilities with Grundig

Grundig ovens also come with lots of clever extras, like the soft close oven door and automatic light to illuminate the oven when the door is open. These features, along with the iconic Grundig piano design and modern styling, produce premium home appliances. Designed for style and substance, and with our five-year parts and labour warranty, you can be confident in the quality of your Grundig oven.