Focus on features: Laundry

Grundig washing machines are designed with great environmental credentials saving energy and keeping your utility bills down. They are designed to fit seamlessly into your kitchen, with contemporary stylish looks and performance driven technology.

Grundig washing machines

Our features range from time-saving to specially developed anti-allergy washes, making laundry a much simpler process. The Grundig Sense Wash programme takes the guesswork out of washing your clothes, by automatically detecting the weight and type of load in the drum. After that, you can leave the rest up to the machine, which selects the appropriate temperature and washing cycle. Perfect for items you wash regularly.

The Grundig Aqua 40/40 programme washes at 40° for 40 minutes, saving you time and money. Cleaning a full load in half the time.

No more sneezing

Has been designed to maintain a higher temperature in the drum for longer. This higher temperature kills bacteria and added rinse cycles will completely remove all traces of washing powder from your clothes.

The Grundig wool cycle is designed to be extra gentle on your favourite woollen items. The specially designed sensors in Grundig washing machines will continually measure the water level in the drum, along with how much water the fabrics have absorbed. Then the machine will automatically adjust the drum speed to give you the best possible wash. For times when you need less noise, the silent function will omit the spin cycle from the wash.

Grundig tumble dryers

A busy lifestyle can mean there may not be time to hang clothes out to dry. Modern apartments and houses could have limited access to drying space, either indoors or outdoors. And let’s not forget the Great British weather, even in the height of summer it is sometimes pouring down with rain.

Grundig Heat Pump Tumble Dryers remove the moisture with increased efficiency, being kinder to your clothes. They recycle the hot air back into the drum, for excellent energy saving.


Selected tumble dryers also have Sense Dry technology, this features a sensor which measures the level of moisture in the dryer drum. Once the moisture level drops below a certain point, the machine detects that the clothes are dry and switches off, saving electricity.

Perfect for ironing

Grundig tumble dryers also feature iron dry and cupboard dry settings. The iron dry setting leaves the clothes slightly moist, making ironing quicker and easier. Cupboard dry is ideal for items that don’t need to be ironed; these will be dried so they are ready to be put away straight away. Our machines also have an automatic anti-creasing programme, meaning if clothes not immediately removed, the drum will rotate every 60 seconds to prevent creasing and save time on ironing.

With one of the largest water tanks on the market 5.3 litres, you’ll spend less time emptying the tank between loads. Especially useful if you have a lot of drying to do at once, the water tank is placed at the top of the machine for ease of emptying.

All Grundig home appliances come with our five-year warranty, as standard.