Focus on features: Cooling

A Grundig refrigerator is designed to stylishly integrate within a modern kitchen, and contains clever technology to make storing your food simpler.

Clever Cooling

A change in temperature in your fridge isn’t good for your food causing it to spoil faster. This is especially apparent after a trip to the supermarket, because when you load a fridge with a lot of new produce, the temperature quickly rises and it takes a while for the fridge to bring the temperature back to its normal level.

With our Dual Cooling technology this provides 2 x faster cooling and ensures there are no odour transfers. This creates a better environment for your fresh fruit and veg. The double cooling fans help the fridge maintain an even temperature, which means there will be no warm spots, avoiding the opportunity for food to spoil.

Cool it quick

As well as dual cooling fans, Grundig refrigerators feature a quick cool button. Activate this button before you leave on your shopping trip and it will lower the overall temperature of the fridge, so when you fill it with shopping the temperature will not rise too much. This faster cooling technology also helps to keep food fresh for longer, and can quickly chill food.

Keep food fresh for longer

The Super Fresh zone is designed to keep food at a lower temperature, meaning it stays fresh longer. This zone keeps food chilled between two and three degrees cooler than the rest of the fridge, creating the perfect temperature for fish and meat products. And to ensure the whole of your fridge stays fresh, Ion Fresh Technology introduces negative ions into the fridge. These negative ions help control odours and bacteria for a fresher, cleaner fridge. Our fridges also feature a carbon air filter to eliminate any unpleasant odours.

Additionally, the Vitamin Care Zone features blue LED lights that are constantly on, keeping your fresh produce at its best. This light helps to keep fruit and veg fresher for longer, and maintains the vitamin content.

Fast Freezing

Grundig freezers include a Fast Freeze function, meaning your food is frozen quickly which maintain the quality and freshness.

Our No Frost technology works to keep your freezer free from annoying ice build-up that can restrict space. Instead of cooled water vapour, which can also create an icy build up on your food, the dry conditions in a Grundig freezer stops food sticking together and prevents icy build-up in the compartments.

Our clever Grundig technology offers some of the best technology for your home and is designed to save you time, and keep your food fresh for a longer period of time.